Jurnal Ilmiah Permas: Jurnal Ilmiah STIKES Kendal

Jurnal ilmiah permas: jurnal ilmiah stikes kendal  (JIPJISK) are integral parts of journals published by LPPM STIKES Kendal. JIPJISK is a means of developing and publishing scientific works for researchers, lecturers and practitioners. JIPJISK publishes articles which are the results of research, case studies, literature studies, innovative concepts, knowledge and technology that focus on eight (8) public health pillars, including Biostatiska and Population, Epidemiology, Health Promotion, Environmental Health , Occupational Safety and Health, Administration and Health Policy, Community Nutrition, Reproductive Health. JIPJISK was first published with a print version of ISSN in Volume 1 No. 1 October 2011 and online version of ISSN in Volume 7 No. 1 April 2017. JIPJISK was published twice a year, namely April and October. The article will be reviewed in peer review by best partners from various institutions.