Jurnal Farmasetis

Journal of pharmacy is an integral part of the journal published by the STIKES Kendal LPPM. The pharmaceutical journal focuses on the topics of pharmaceutical technology, management, social pharmacy, traditional medicine, and pharmacology which includes 17 pillars including: Prescription management, self-medication, prescription management, hospital management, pharmacy management, identification and determination of medicinal plants, standardization of medicinal plants Standardization of medicinal plant extracts, Extraction techniques Active isolation and purification techniques or chemical ingredients of medicinal plants, Identification and elucidation of active ingredients or chemical ingredients of medicinal plants, Semisynthesis of bioactive compound materials, Formulations of natural drug preparations and pharmaceutical studies, Biovialibility studies nature, Preclinical activity testing of natural ingredients medicine: in vitro and in vivo, toxicity test, teratogenic test and mutagenic test, clinical test. Journal writers come from health workers, lecturers, students, researchers interested in the pharmaceutical field. The journal was first published since June 2011, and published with the printed version of ISSN on Volume 2 No. 1 June 2012 and the online version of ISSN on Volume 6 No. 1 May 2017. Journal of pharmaceuticals is published 2 times a year, May and November.